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Course Fee

Course Fee

High School Diploma (HSD) - $700

Certificate Level - $500

Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)
Certificate in Hotel Management (CHM)
Certificate in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality (CTH)
Certificate in Journalism Management (CJM)
Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

Diploma Level - $750

Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM)
Diploma in Travel Tourism & Hospitality (DTH)
Diploma in Journalism Management (DJM)
Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

Advance Diploma Level - $1000

Advance Diploma in Business Administration (ADBA)
Advance Diploma in Hotel Management (ADHM)
Advance Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality (ADTH)
Advance Diploma in Journalism Management (ADJM)
Advance Diploma in Information Technology (ADIT)

Post Graduate Diploma - $3000

Bachelor Degree - $6000

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT)
Bachelor in Journalism Management (BJM)
Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)
Bachelor in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality (BTH)
Bachelor in Nursing (BN)
Bachelor in Public Health (BPH)
Bachelor in Criminal Justice(BCJ)
Bachelor in Law (BL)
Bachelor in Education (BEd)
Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA)

Master Degree - $5000

Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Master in Information Technology (MIT)
Master in Journalism Management (MJM)
Master in Hotel Management (MHM)
Master in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality (MTH)
Master in Nursing (MN)
Master in Public Health (MPH)
Master in Criminal Justice(MCJ)
Master in Law (ML)
Master in Education (MEd)
Master in Strategic Leadership (MSL)
Master in Telecommunication Management (MTM)

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) - $5000

Philosophy of Doctorate (Ph.D.) - $8000

Admission Fee - $100
Examination Fee - $300
Certification Fee - $100