GUAC (Global University Accreditation Council)

GUAC (Global University Accreditation Council)

GUAC is an independent, non-profit, membership organizations providing accreditation services are responsible for the evaluation and accreditation of eligible on-line institutions, ensuring they meet the stringent standards set by the accrediting bodies. GIU is an accredited institution recognized by renowned accreditation agencies for international post graduate education. All degrees offered by Greenford International University, therefore, benefit from having the recognition of these accreditation agencies. These accrediting agencies and boards were founded with the aim of providing a standard by which distance-education institutions can be judged on the quality of the educational service, educational standards, and ethical business practices they provide.

Accreditation is important to various constituent groups because it represents an institution's commitment to quality education. Being accredited warrants that an institution meets the quality criteria set by the accreditation agencies. Business and industry leaders are interested in quality universities and consider accreditation status an important factor when hiring. Citizens are assured of accountability and of value for their tuition dollars knowing their university meets established standards and undergoes regular re-evaluation by teams of professionals whose focus is on university improvement.

On what basis is accreditation offered?

Non-governmental agencies or boards establish certain standards required of an institution or university in order to become accredited. Their core function is to promote high-quality distance education by identifying standards that outline the best educational practices. These boards or agencies evaluate the institute or university in the following areas:
• Institution's mission/vision
• Educational practices
• Administration
• Faculty
• Financial stability
• Policies and student services

Institutions meeting the standards set for each of these areas are granted accreditation.