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Our Mission

Our Mission

"Global Education for Global People"

Greenford International University’s mission is to provide student from around the world with programs that enable them to acquire skills, competencies, and academic excellence that will enhance their careers and professions, enrich their personal lives, and enable them to make significant contributions to the global community. We are committed to providing quality educational programs and to assist students who are seeking an educational delivery system that will enable them to earn an academic degree at their own pace, time, and location using the most innovative instructional and technological advances.

GIU’s goal is to foster an effective academic program and a supportive environment for the development of the student’s maximum potential. To achieve its mission, Greenford International University concentrates its preparation in the following areas:
• Academic learning/research
• Professional training
• Social preparation on the local and international levels

Academic learning/research:
The International University stresses academic excellence. Its programs emphasize the importance of thinking clearly and analytically, and exercising critical judgment. The curricula have been carefully designed to enable students to acquire breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding — emphasizing learning which is relevant to daily life and provides the foundation for successful living. The administration and faculty of GIU are committed both to excellent classroom teaching and to sound scholarship. Faculty members participate in international meetings, present papers, publish in trade journals, and conduct the necessary research for involvement in these scholarly activities.

Professional training:
GIU provides excellent training to allow students the opportunity to develop necessary practical skills as they pursue goals consistent with individual career plans and interests. GIU believes that cognitive knowledge only about Business Administration, Diplomatic and Strategic Studies, Nursing, Law, IT, Hotel Management, Travel Tourism. NGO Management, International relation, Sports Management, Banking Management or Public Health, on either the undergraduate or graduate level severely handicaps the student’s ability to compete in his/her career. Therefore, an important foundation for GIU’s professional training is its relevance to real-world situations. In order to assure a strong professional aspect of the curriculum, GIU selects textbooks with a global perspective, utilizes case studies and simulations, invites politicians and business leaders to consult with students, and selects faculty which bring both academic and hands-on knowledge to their classes. Time and again throughout their study program, GIU students act as decision makers, analysts, financial forecasters, and global leaders.

Social preparation:
Learning at GIU promotes self-knowledge along with knowledge of other cultures, peoples, and belief systems. GIU’s classrooms are a melting pot of differing views on the issues being discussed. Each student is encouraged to share his perspectives and contribute to a global community. The community environment is judged to be an integral part of a person's learning experience. GIU is also a online and distance learning university to provide a global education for Global people. GIU’s classrooms and campus activities provide an integral form of social preparation. The administration fosters equal treatment for all, despite ethnic background or socio-economic level. The students learn the concepts of tolerance and acceptance modeled by the faculty and administration, which has led to strong friendships among students who would be enemies in their home countries. GIU provides opportunities for its students to engage in cultural, diplomatic and economic functions in Vienna and encourages German-language learning (and provides language classes). Furthermore, GIU’s mission includes the development of a social consciousness among its students. Graduates are expected to contribute to the betterment of society wherever they may live and work. They are expected to understand that their decisions have consequences on the present and the future, themselves and others, and also upon the environment and eco-systems of our world. GIU provides exchange and study-abroad opportunities for its students and is a regular host for study-abroad students from other nations.

The graduate leaves having been exposed to a system of values vital to a rich personal life and to coping with the complexities of modern society.

A degree from The International University is an important academic achievement, signifying that the graduate has undergone a rigorous academic education.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:
• Speak, write and communicate effectively in English, as a result of clear thinking and extensive reading, writing, interaction and observation.
• Understand the importance of evaluative thinking, statistical analysis, and possess the skills to research, report and compose scientific presentations based on a hypothesis and under girded by proper citations and bibliographic entries.
• Engage in meaningful and productive careers and/or pursue additional education.
• Be responsible stewards of their personal resources and own human resources.

Base their lives on their own carefully thought-out philosophy of life, which includes respect and concern for others.

Greenford International University is committed to providing quality online distance education degree programs for adult learners in a student-centered academic environment. GIU’s emphasis is on educational programs that lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve career advancement, personal satisfaction, leadership, and service to the community.