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GIU helps for Livingstone Lion Rehabilitation and Release Program

Belize, 7 March 2012 - Newly elected chancellor Prof. Dr. William has been visited to Zambia and announced to help for Wild lion populations in Africa are declining and this program aims to release wild born offspring, from rehabilitated captive bred lions, into appropriate national parks and reserves. We were based at the Lion Encounter Park in Livingston, Zambia and our house was 100 meters from the Zambezi River, about half an hour from Victoria Falls. We stayed in a basic house but we did have the luxury of running water. The countryside reminded me of parts of Australia as there are a lot of acacia plants but the earth is really red and sandy with pockets of black heavy soil. We arrived just before the wet season and temperatures were 35 degrees in the shade. There was a storm the day after we arrived and within two days the country side just went green; it was amazing says Prof. Dr. William. He has also announced to give 10 full scholarships for the poor students in the African regions.

Greenford International University is world's Most Popular Open University

Belize, 25 February 2012 -For the first time since 2009, Greenford International University is the most popular International University in the Globe. According to an analysis of yield (the percentage of students accepted to a school who opt to attend) by International News & World Report. GIU is in the top 20 Universities list on the Global University Accreditation Council’s Evaluation 2012. 75.5 percent of students who were accepted as part of the fall 2010 class ultimately choose to enroll.(

GIU officials point to improvements in different programs that have made the University more appealing to those who have been accepted. "Beyond improvements in Scholarship, substantial changes in the past years provide new levels of support for students once they enroll, and enrich their academic and extracurricular experiences throughout their time at GIU," said Chancellor Prof. Dr. William in a press release.

Admin office moved to Belize

Belize, 7 February 2012 - We would like to inform that our Admin office on Carson City, Navada, USA is moved to Suite 102, Blake Building, Corner Eyre and Hutson Streets, Belize City, Belize. All the administrative services will run under this office. For further enquiry please mail us at:

Elections held of GIU

Belize, 5 January 2012 - "Dr. Gopal Paudyal as a chancellor of the university has a great contribution in uplifting GIU to a well reputed Distance Learning Open University in the world", said newly elected chancellor Prof. Dr. William in a farewell party for the outgoing Chancellor Prof. Dr. Gopal Paudyal.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Edwood also pleases to Prof. Gopal’s outstanding job which is remarkable and ever forgettable. Dr. Gopal Paudyal was elected as a chancellor on September 2009 for 2 years. The president of the University has been awarded Dr. Gopal Paudyal a commendation certificate and a token of the love from the university Board of Directors.

Registrar Prof. Peter Watts, Deans Dr. K.J. Butt, Controller Examination Miss J.H. Ghazala, Head of Departments, Admin officers and Officials were attended in the function.

Kathmandu Campus closed Apologies

Belize, 9 October 2010 - GIU refers to one of the school that were established in Nepal during the late 2 years is closed. The college was started as distance learning center but due to Nepalese political problem and instability of peace and security we have to close the campus. We would like to apologies for this decisions. We are sorry for this decision made by our board of directors. We would like to deeply apologies for the students who enrolled with us. We are also assuring that we will continue give you online tuition please pays your outstanding fee and log on to