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Request for Refund

Request for Refund

It is the responsibility of all students to be aware of Greenford International University's refund policy on tuition and other fees. The University's policy seeks to be fair and equitable and in compliance with the government requirements. If a student is not able to complete their program, they may contact the university to cancel in any manner i.e. online request, email or letter. All refunds due the student will be refunded within thirty days.

If the student cancels enrollment after completing a minimum of one lesson test or assignment, but less than 50 percent of the total course assignments, the University may retain a percentage of the refundable tuition, which will not exceed the following:

0 - 30 Days - 100% Refund
31-90 Days - 75% Refund
91-120 Days - 50% Refund
Over 120 Days - No Refund

To request for Refund, you can simply email with details of rufund at or Login from your student ID and follow the instructions on Request for Refund.

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