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Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office

We live in a world of incessant cultural and economic change, and the mission of GIU is to help students be successful in this environment. For this reason our education process includes specific skills required for particular disciplines, but also includes skills clustered around ethics, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. GIU is committed to fulfilling this mission by:

  • providing innovative and relevant curriculum delivered by accomplished, supportive faculty
  • offering readily available student-centered services
  • implementing state-of-the-practice, learning-centered technology and learning resources
  • engaging with constituents to create an exceptional educational experience

The Office of the Registrar supports every applicant, currently enrolled student and alumni at GIU, as well as, all faculty and staff members who interact with these groups.

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact us:

Greenford International University
Office of the Registrar
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.