About Us


Significance of the University

  • One can study even from the sitting chair as a classroom environment.
  • It can be studied as per convenience of people as per time management i.e. morning, day, evening and night shift.
  • It doesn't require maximum number of human resources in comparison to students' volume due to its widespread market network of study through online system worldwide.
  • It is totally new concept in the field of university education system in 21st century.
  • It mainly focuses on the market of non-affording or low affordable market of the world for which till now the Universities of the world have ignored to understand the value of the market.
  • It gives new life towards academic relief to the victims of education fields due to various reasons like supervisors' negative attitude, examination time sickness made failure, examination time nervousness made failure, fees not made in time made failure, job nature and pressure made failure, intellectual and academic blackmail by academic authorities' failure, biasness and prejudice behavior made failure, wrong testing system made failure etc.
  • It also approaches through classroom system where the University Board feels to open for.